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Partog Helps Protect Vulnerable Young People

We engage with the most isolated, reclusive and high risk young people, encouraging them to take part in healthy, sociable activities with people of their own age where they can be supported by positive roles models.

We ensure the best possible outcomes for this vulnerable group by supporting children and young people who may be displaying signs of behavioral problems and an unhealthy interest in crime or by simply representing their best interests following family breakdown.

Our research enables us to develop the safest and most effective youth and crime community projects, proven to safeguard children and young people from abuse and criminality. The Home Office used our award-winning qualitive research on radicalization and grooming legislation. The Joint Commission on Human Rights(19/02/15) published our research in their report on Domestic Violence and abuse of girls (19/02/15).

Partog Empowers Parents So That They Can Keep Their Children Safe

We support families to help reconcile broken relationships. We support parents to engage with their children more frequently and effectively. We can deliver presentations and training in behavior moderation, emotional stability, advanced childcare and our bespoke NSPCC risk awareness training.

We create parent networks (first piloted in Bradford), which puts parents in contact with each other, where they can arrange safe, social activities for their children and resolve any bullying or inappropriate behavior concerns. We include schools, shops and any establishment in the community that parents may visit.

We provide inexperienced, ex-offender and homeless parents with advanced childcare training and legal advice on their rights and responsibilities to their family.

Gerry, the founder of Parenting Together cared for children beaten and refused medical attention for some of the most horrific injuries ranging from fractured ribs to permanent brain damage from physical and sexual abuse. Some young people were drawn into prostitution. Gerry spent five years in residential work with ex-offenders studying the methods that Paedophiles use to target children and keep them hidden away from public view.

Partog Helps Families and Young People.

The Court awarded an estranged father limited access to his four children but only one attended the first visit with a message saying that his other children did not want to see him. He convinced us that this was untrue and after following our advice, it transpired that their mother’s boyfriend abused and beat them, threatening to harm members of the family if they spoke to their father. We supported the father on how to provide the NSPCC and the Police with enough evidence to prove these allegations. As a result the Court soon awarded him full residency for two of his children and an injunction preventing the alleged abuser from contacting his family.

We helped several parents where the wealthiest parent won full residency regardless of evidenced risks to their children. For example, if one parent was unemployed, shared care would obligate the Council to provide the other with suitable Housing and State Benefits. Much cheaper to evict the poorest parent or the Fathers (who do not qualify for Legal Aid) and make them homeless. As well as meeting and corresponding with MPs and Cabinet Ministers, we submitted detailed evidence of these cases as recorded by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, published by the Joint Commission on Human Rights(19/02/15), the BBC (date TBC) and the Home Office. We represent those people who have been failed by this system in a bid to ensure that this malpractice does not continue.

Estranged Mothers make up around 40% of enquiries in spite of the fact that Legal Aid only pays for the mother’s solicitor, not the father’s. We advocate independently to the Youth and Family Courts in the best interests of their children. Based on our decades of work in residential care of young people with behavioral and emotional problems, MAs and Awards in Social Care and Diversity, we provide training and a free helpline for corporate and family parents caring for disruptive or damaged children under the age of sixteen.

When risks to their children from local criminals became unacceptable and all else failed, we helped a family move and resettle in a different part of the UK to ensure their safety.

Our first case of aiding the conviction of an abuser concluded October 2016.

Our first case against a Solicitor will serve as a warning to others who oppose shared care and residential contact.

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Partog addresses the urgent needs of children and young people most at risk from crime and exploitation.

Data from ONS, ‘Overview of violent crime and sexual offences February 2016’ shows violent offences including Rape trebled over the past four years; –

  • West Yorkshire has 984 registered Paedophiles

  • North Yorkshire with the lowest population has 874 *

  • South Yorkshire with the highest population has the least, 274.

* Per capita, North Yorkshire children rank among the highest risk group, statistically it’s four times safer living in Glasgow or Rotherham.

We carried out three innovative and daring, qualitative researches of perpetrators and victims in Bradford and Glasgow. Each delving deep into the root causes of gender conflict, domestic abuse (Published in the JCHR Report on DV and Rape, 19/02/15) and sectarianism, Religious/Political extremism, read and requested by the then Home Secretary.

Partog has captured a way of understanding what provokes paedophilic behaviour

No other organisation spent time alone with such violent offenders, privately and intimately discussing their most horrific crimes to understand everything necessary to prevent others committing the same crimes. The data shows a serious deterioration of British family values and an appalling disrespect for women and girls.

Building Respect for Women and Girls

The Gaelic speaking Celtic families of South Wales, Northern Island and rural Scotland, rank among Europe’s safest, happiest and highest achieving women and children. Scottish women dominate Politics, commerce etc. In England, Childcare is still dominantly woman’s work. In the context of ideas, we simply model a culture where childcare should be everyone’s responsibility.

Partog’s Projects

Current projects:

Closed Doors addresses the culture of underachievement, domestic abuse, youth crime and disrespect for women and girls. We visit schools, and support youth and community organisations engaging young people in social activities and their family responsibilities.

Dutybound works with non-resident parents including homeless and ex-offenders, advocating in Court for family Rights and Responsibilities as an alternative to custodial sentences and crucially, the most efficient strategy for keeping their children safe and happy, to know the love of their parents.

(See Dutybound for more information)

We can offer free legal advice from professional Solicitors and very occasionally Pro bono representation in Court.

In a few circumstances we will relocate families to another district if, for example criminal and paedophile gangs target their children.

Research planned for 2017 will study the experiences of corporate and family parents with responsibility for disadvantaged young people with social, emotional, behaviour and learning problems. Studying the care history will offer a synopsis of ‘what works’ in the long term to prevent volatile behaviour and emotional violence among young people so often self-inflicted post-adolescence.