We provide assistance for families with young children, disadvantaged by communication or learning difficulties, disabilities while involved in Family Court proceedings

We Advocate children’s Humanitarian and Civil Rights to fair and informed consideration by the Family Court, irrespective of gender, heritage or beliefs


Since everyone has different competences and abilities; the only impediments are our ability to protect the most vulnerable and accommodate their fundamental human rights to a family

  Kinship Care



Family Lawyers – If not already represented, we can arrange a Child Focussed Legal Aid Solicitor or paralegal support for you

Independent Parenting Assessments – On-line parenting assessments

Expert Witness Report – Our Expert Witness reports focus on children’s Rights to family love and protection. We examine all significant events and circumstances in your case that enable fair and just decissions by the Court

Training Courses - On-line group and indiviual discussions on family safety and wellbeing topics


Non-profit services for disadvantaged parents and low-income families


 Domestic Violence facts and Quality of Life solutions for families 

 Region: All UK

Domestic Violence facts and QoL solutions for families Domestic Violence facts and QoL solutions for families Regions of Britain lead the world in child suicides, domestic abuse, self-harming, sex offences, rape, burglary and violent crime. Everyone thinks they know all the answers but in evidence they do not! The safest happiest highest academic achievers (30% above National Average grades) live the best quality of life (QoL) earning the lowest average income.